Faux Pas

Do not try at home… or ever. (Tested out by yours truly.)



1. Wear heels on cobblestone

2. Forget to try on a dress before an event

3. Wear expensive jeans to a ceramic class

4. Wear a sheer top to Thanksgiving dinner

5. Wear a short, loose romper in windy Manhattan




1. Forget your mom’s birthday

2. Ignore your homecoming date

3. Give your dad a Father’s Day card on his birthday

4. Go to someone else’s birthday brunch on your birthday

5. Go shopping the day before Christmas Eve

6. Forget to check which terminal your gate is located in

7. Get Tinder

8. Cram a comforter in a cheap washing machine

9. Eat KFC

10. Ignore your prom date

11. Sign up for a Textiles class, when you’re not a fashion design student



1. Put tester purple hair dye in your hair

2. Let a non-professional apply fake eyelashes for prom

3. Forget to reapply sunscreen at the beach



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